The Fear within

There is one Chinese saying "A piece of paper cannot be used to wrap the fire". This literally means that anything that is hidden, no matter how secretive it is, will be revealed one day. The more you fear and the more you try to hide it, the worst it will become because the fear inside you attracts, as do the things you deny as you have already been carrying them inside you through your fear.

According to psychic Maria Duval, human emotions are very strong pulling magnetic stones that pull in their similar objects they face. Hate pulls in more hate while love attracts more love, in one form or other. If this hate is left without control, it will lead to extremely negative consequences that will harm yourself and your loved ones around.

That is why psychic Maria Duval says we must all conquer this vicious cycle of negative energies if we can. Learn more from Maria for her spiritual guidance.

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