Maria Duval - ally in harmony with the laws of the universe

Maria Duval says that even in the seemingly most hopeless situation, there is always a faint ray of hope despite the huge odds stacked in front. Interesting, it's often when the situation seems to be totally desperate that your Inner Guide gives you the most spectacular demonstration of its awesome power - provided you have the faith in it. It would seem like a complete miracle when it happens.

So remember, your Inner Guide may take the initiative and help you through the voice of your intuition. But you can also actively ask it for help, and it will respond, again through the voice of your intuition.

Strokes of luck can be provoked because the "Law of Series" exists and this has even been scientifically proven. There is in the Universe a force that draws likes together. Unfortunately, this law is often the downfall of common mortals because it is only implemented in a negative way.

If two bad things happen to you one after another, you may say "bad luck always comes in threes." But in saying that, you yourself provoke the arrival of a third problem. An obscure law in fact dictates that you end up attracting the very thing you fear, by thinking about it. This is precisely what most people do, because it's so much easier for the vast majority of humans to fear than to have faith.

Maria Duval asks, what is faith exactly?

Her explanation of faith is that of a voluntary decision to believe in something. Faith therefore demands an effort of will. Provoking strokes of lucks is easily within your reach, as long as you make a deliberate decision to change your attitude to chance. From now on you know that there is really no such thing as pure chance!

People like to use the word "chance" to explain things that minds cannot decipher and understand. Although pure chance may not exist, the Laws of Universe do. There are the Laws that govern the world and control the evolution of the Universe. If you are unaware of these laws, then luck and success seem to escape you and you run into incomprehensible problems that put you in a rage!

But Maria Duval thinks that it's no good raging against these problems. It's much better to ally yourself with these "Laws of the Universe" and work in harmony with them. As you know there's no such thing as pure chance, you will then be able to swing the turn of events in the right direction, ie, the direction that leads to success, happiness and prosperity.

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