Maria Duval - How to seek help from your Inner Guide

Clairvoyant Maria Duval has taught me some simple ways to seek your Inner Guide for help when you need something from the Universe. Remember, this Inner Guide is your best friend and it will be with you through thick and thin to help you achieve what you deserve.

Let's imagine that you are in need of a particular amount of money. Note the amount clearly on a little sheet of paper. Stare at this sheet for a few moments intensely. Close your eyes and imagine that you see the amount of money you are asking for.

Feeling totally relaxed, repeat the following phrase in your head:

"Infinite Intelligence, show me a way to Prosperity. Guide me towards the sum of $......., to which I have a divine right. Let this money be beneficial to me and to all those who profit by it and take a share of it."

When you have received this sum by some unexpected means, you will have proof that you are a channel through which Prosperity flows. To increase the flow of Prosperity, use the law of giving and receiving. Give away a portion of this money that you have unexpected acquired.

As you give, say this phrase:

"May this money constantly grow, both the person I'm giving it to, and for me. Infinite Intelligence, I thank you for your help."

Do the same thing for every request. Say:

Infinite Intelligence, I need .... (state what you require). I want to have it now. Please grant it to me, by your grace and perfect means."

If the reply is slow in coming, with faith and trust, repeat your request in this way:

Give me a clear and precise insights. Show me what must I do to receive......".

Then wait with great faith for some clear indications.

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