Maria Duval - Question your Inner Guide

Clairvoyant Maria Duval suggest a way to focus on your Inner Guide is to shut yourself away in a place where you won't be disturbed for at least 30 minutes, and away from devices like phones, computers and electronic equipment. A place in the park or garden would be great. Devote some time for deep breathing so that you can be calmer and steadier. Next direct your attention and thoughts towards your "Inner Guide", or use whatever name you have for your personal guide.

Focus intently on the idea that as your Inner Guide is connected to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, it always knows the answer to any question, the perfect solution to any problem. Your Inner Guide knows no bounds. It can therefore seek the answers to your problems throughout the Universe.

It can make a direct and immediate appeal to the cosmic memory to help you to solve all your difficulties. This is what explains its tremendous power and can help you so much, provided you know how to tap on it. Have faith in it and treat Inner Guide like your best friend in life.

Remember that every ordeal in life is there to be overcome, and from this process, you learn and gain new experience. If you make no attempt to try and understand why you are encountering a particular problem, you are likely to keep meeting with that problem. So intimately ask your Inner Guide some questions such as:

  • What can I learn from this experience?

  • What message is the Universe sending to me?

  • What must I do to stop heading into these difficulties next time?

  • What are my good and weak points?
Maria Duval states that if you ask yourself such intimate questions, you will convert negative energy of the problem into positive energy. It will be "transferred" to your Inner Guide and channelled into searching for an answer and opportunities that will solve your problem.

So have complete and utmost faith in your powerful Inner Guide which will tell you the solutions. Do not keep it away from you or evade from it.

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