Maria Duval - Contact with your Inner Guide

Let's continue from where we left yesterday with Maria Duval's guide on "Inner Guide".

As you read through what clairvoyant Maria Duval has said, you would have come to conclusion that your "Inner Guide" can indeed solve all your problems, and when you have put all your problems behind you, you will have a role to play in spreading this knowledge yourself.

Your "Inner Guide" is UNITED with you,
and it is also UNITED with the Infinite Intelligence.

So YOU are UNITED with the Infinite Intelligence.

You have firmly believed that the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe lives in you, as though you were an extension of this Intelligence.

Thanks to this Infinite Intelligence of your "Inner Guide", you are linked to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. This means that you can link yourself to everything you want to see materialising in your life, as the Universe holds infinite riches. It might help you to grasp this notion more easily, if you can just imagine that you are linked by an invisible cord to the things you want to appear in your life.

It is most important for you to recognise the "Divine Power" of your "Inner Guide". The reason Maria Duval talks about this so much is that it's a very vital key to your success in life. It's the understanding of this innate principle that will enable you to get rid of your problems and make progress in life as if by magic.

In effect, when you connect in your mind with your "Inner Guide", you are uniting with it so that it can inspire you and protect you. It will guide you by sendig you external or internal signs. And this is what it means by INTUITION.

Psychic Maria Duval regards most of the problems in the life as the result of the fact that our intuition level is not as developed as it should be at. That is why it is imperative that we need to re-establish contact with it to restore orders in your life.

Again, we simply need to get in touch with it, to ask it your questions, and then leave it to express itself in you, through you, so that it brings you the miraculous answers.

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