Maria Duval - Inner Guide as an Intermediary to the Universe

Maria Duval knows that many of us are honest, intelligent and courageous people who make a decent living to support our families. We just want to improve the quality of life and that's why Maria is always prepared to share with you secrets that have been proven over the centuries. Secrets that will enable you to change the world around you. All Maria wants is you put what you learn from her into practice in life to gain a better living.

Inner Guide is all powerful friend of yours and you can seek its advice for your life. Focus your thoughts on:

"I am at one with the Spirit in me."

"My Inner Guide is always with me, I feel its power surrounding me and protecting me."

"My Inner Guide can help me in all things, and enable me to swiftly make the right decisions."

Be calm, whatever external circumstances you are in, never doubt your Inner Guide. During your period of transformation, it could be that you will still have to face some nasty suprises. there apparent injustices are necessary to unlock the door to better days.

Certain things will have to end, and from there, better ones will begin. The road of prosperity is filled with challenges but it is never completely blocked your vision to see your goals.

It's possible that this road will seem to lead you in the opposite direction to where you want to go. But have faith in your Inner Guide: it knows what is right for you. If you feel you have reached an impasse, do not despair.

To gain more and more from life, begin by establishing your essential needs. If all you want to do is to amass huge amount of wealth to show off your egos, this is a bad focus as there is no need to impress others. There is no merits for this kind of attitude, and your Inner Guide knows about it hence it won't help you to achieve your selfish aims.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval advises to be honest with yourself, and with your Inner Guide. Begin by making a clear and reasonable assessment of your true needs. Like, a better house to live in, a better job, clear debts or better support to the family. It may be good to write down your objectives in paper and these objectives are for the benefit of other people, not yourself, so that law of universe can come into play. The plentiful Universe can meet all the requests you put in, and Inner Guide shall act as the intermediary.

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