Maria Duval - The Root Chakra

Now I'll write briefly about the seven chakras. First of all I shall start with the Root Chakra or "Muladhara". The Root Chakra is situated between the coccyx and the sacrum, at perineum level in a man, or the neck of the uterus in a woman.

This chakra is linked to the adrenal glands. It is associated with the element Earth and the sense of touch.

Root Chakra connects us human beings to this material world. This chakra channels universal cosmic energy towards the physical plane, and at the same time, it captures earth energy with the help of minor chakras situated the soles of the feet.

We are linked to the "spirit of our Mother Earth" through this chakra. Basic individual needs to do with life and survival on our planet, are the province of the Root Chakra.

If this first chakra is open, it gives you harmony with terrestrial forces and the acceptance of life on earth for its physical existence. It provides the basic stability of us as a higher intelligence and when it is in harmony, it gives you vital earthly energy, creativity, perseverance and the power to assert yourself.

Making a living, having satisfactory financial and material security, procreation to maintain the family blood line, and healthy sexuality are all part of Root Chakra too. Besides, this chakra forms as a base for the higher chakras.


Maria Duval says blocked chakras can be cleared

Previously I wrote about the three negative habits or behaviour that blocks the well functioning of chakra centers in our bodies. Today I will continue on that and what I feel relieved is that these blocked chakras can be cleared and unblocked with some spiritual practice.

You simply need to re-balance and re-open the chakras so that life energy can be there once more to capture the cosmic forces emanating from the current of energy which flows through the Universe and surrounds every living organism.

maria duval cleared chakrasThen you can re-create what psychic Maria Duval calls your own "cosmic circuits of personal luck", seize lucky opportunities once more, and become the creator of a happy and eventful life. These circuits of luck are linked to the higher chakras, which give us talents such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition and creative inspiration.

They can help your life to blossom, but they have to be able to be supplied with cosmic energy and therefore be linked to the first chakras, which are often out of balance, explains Maria Duval.

Well, fortunately, this is something anyone can readjust. All you need to do is to follow Maria Duval's teachings on unblocking chakras and this is a set of secret techniques and exercises and through regular practise, a person can feel that his or her body energies are again circulating freely and fluidly inside.


"I'm an useless person!"

There is a third negative belief clairvoyant Maria Duval talks about which causes the block of the chakras. This third negative belief goes in the form of self condemnation like "I'm not capable", "I guess I'm useless", or "I feel very worthless".

According to Maria Duval, why such a negative attitude comes about in a person is due to the lack of paternal support and guidance when the person was a very young kid. The father probably did not spend much time nurturing the kid's abilities or talents and severely lacks the interaction time with the child. As a result, the child gradually develops an inner doubt about his or her own abilities and competence and this comes about rather naturally in such cases.

The role of the father is important in a kid's development in that dad has a direct influence on the future identity of the child. The dad is often a mirror what the kid to develop kid's own aspirations and pride, without which a serious mental void will develop in the mind and that's unhealthy.

The end result could be the development of poor self image, unassertiveness, lack of recognition, aggression, thirst for power, career problems, perfectionism and many others.

From what I have writing about these three negative beliefs, you can see that they are conditioning filters which are hindering the proper functioning of the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) and things could get thrown out of balance. This leads to the failure of higher chakras to absorb universal cosmic energy.


"It's they fault that why nobody loves me!"

Today I shall write about clairvoyant Maria Duval's explanation of the second negative belief that causes one's chakras to be blocked. This second negative belief is "I don't deserved to be loved", or "It is hard for me to find love".

Maria Duval believes that this kind of negative belief was gradually built up from the time when the person was still very young, and the young child often finds that he can't satisfy his or her need for love, affection, tenderness, thus this kind of dreary negative belief sets in. Deep inside, the kid is facing a tumultuous inner struggle to overcome the belief that he is not loved as he is not worthy for it.

Behavourially, when the kid grows up, he or she may exhibit some form of unpopular social norms like rejection from poeple around, emotional distress, or face people with a double character, to bad traits like drug abuse, sexual disorders, dietary problems and attitude problems.

Maria Duval states that those in whom this kind of negative belief predominates erect an internet barrier which separates them from their emotional wound which is too painful to bear consciously. For example, they only live for themselves and are usually cut off from the rest because of the distress they have emotionally.

Others may deliberately create antipathies with other people. They behave in this way in order to provoke rejection which allows them to throw responsibility onto others like it's their fault that's why nobody loves me.


"I do not deserve to live!"

I mentioned about three kinds of negative beliefs previously, so now, I will explain to you Maria Duval's teaching on these three negative beliefs in more details.

In simplest terms, this kind of negative belief is expressed something like "I don't have the right to live well", "I don't deserve a place in this world", or "I don't deserve to lead a good life".

This kind of negative belief happens in a person because, during the first year of the life, a baby has had problems in terms of security, maybe due to the careless or ignorant handling by the parents, and this will have great repercussions on his adult life. To some degree, the baby will grow up and have the ingrained idea that he does not deserve to exist or he has no place on this world. The person we talking here is very low on self-esteem and is hurt easily.

Furthermore, this negative attitude will lead to something really serious that affects his life such as poor asset management, inability to manage finances well, money problems, overspending, time management problems, career instability, dietary problems, constipations, anxieties or poor social skills.